About SIPM Pakistan

Society for Interventional Pain Medicine Pakistan (SIPM) is the largest registered representative organization of Pain and Rehab Physicians with over 2000 members from all over Pakistan and other parts of the world. SIPM is dedicated to improve the Specialty of Pain Medicine in Pakistan since 2014. SIPM regularly conducts master classes, symposia, conferences and hands-on training workshops for Doctors and Physiotherapists involved in the practice of Pain Medicine & Rehab.

SIPM’s WPRC 2023 will be Pakistan’s biggest event in the Specialty of Pain Medicine & Rehab. More than 40 internationally renowned Speakers from USA, UK, Europe, Turkey, UAE, South Africa, Greece, Indonesia, Romania and 600 Doctors including Orthopedic Surgeons, Neuro Surgeons, Neurologists, Anesthetists, Radiologists and General Surgeons from all over Pakistan will be attending the event. WPRC 2020 was the biggest event in the field of pain medicine in south east Asia in which over 500 delegates participated from around the world.

WPRC 2023

WPRC 2023 will bring together world-class personalities working in the fields of Pain Medicine and Regenerative Medicine from all over the world to discuss the evolving role of these modalities in combating chronic pain and materials-related strategies for disease remediation and tissue repair. WPRC 2023 will succeed in combining the different disciplines of pain medicine & regenerative medicine. Consequently, a large number of participants from various disciplines including Orthopedics, Anesthesiology, PMR, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, General Surgery and Family Medicine will attend the conference. WPRC is Pakistan‘s largest and most interdisciplinary conferences in the fields of Pain Medicine & Regenerative Medicine.

Endorsed by World Institute of Pain (WIP)


– Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

– Medical Equipment Companies

– Ultrasound Machines importers & distributors

– Hospitals and Clinics

– Importers and Distributors of PRP kits and machines

– Importers and Distributors of disposable items

– Physiotherapy equipment / apparatus importers and manufacturers

– Corporations looking to invest in Medical Projects


 Dr. Shahzad Anwar (Chairman)

• Prof. Zahid Kamal

• Dr. Jameel Sabit

• Prof. Fridoon Jawad

• Dr. Zahid Rustam

• Dr. Syed Mehmood Ali

• Dr. Sajjad Ali Akbar

• Prof. Mian M. Azhar

• Dr. Bushra Bashir

• Dr. Aftab Haider Shah

• Dr. Syed Shahab ud Din

• Dr. Ghazala Butt

• Dr. Shahzad kareem Bhatti


Patron: Brig ® M. Salim

Chairman: Dr. Jamil Sabit

President: Dr. Shahzad Anwar

Vice President: Lt. Col ® Zahid Rustam

General Secretary: Dr. Syed Mehmood Ali

Joint Secretary: Dr. Syed Aftab H. Shah

Publications Secretary: Dr. Tariq Hayat Khan

Finance Secretary: Dr. Sajjad Ali Akbar

Coordination Secretary: Dr. Waqas Ashraf

Punjab Chapter: Dr. Syed Shahab ud Din

Sindh Chapter: Dr. Agha Sajjad

KPK Chapter: Dr. Attique Malik

Baluchistan Chapter: Dr. Jameel ur Rehman

Iffat Anwar Medical Complex